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My Name is Cedrick Luces, also known as sircedrick I am a performing steel drum artist doing a one man show the past thirty years. In 1980 Bob Marley was in Miami undergoing Chemotherapy for his cancer, South Florida’s top radio station Y-100 had a live interview with Bob Marley, the radio DJ was Foote, and he invited callers to call the radio station to talk to Bob, I was the first caller to talk to him, I was already into his music and playing my steel drums along with his songs and thought that the steel drum would be a great addition to his music, so I asked Bob Marley how come he doesn’t have steel drums in his music and his reply was “Me no find one dat can fit in” (I have not found someone that can fit in).


I have been fitting in playing my steel drums and singing Reggae music, and making a living doing this, for most of my life, so this album is a tribute to Bob Marley and Reggae music. D ISLAND PARTY introduces you to six of my originals, a mix of Raegge and Soka infused with the steel drum and my vocals. The concept is to feature the steel drum, more, in Commercial Reggae music, “The introduction of steel drums into Commercial Reggae music” I also include my renditions of some Bob Marley, Third World, UB40 and Bazil songs.


You can listen to my music here!

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